Our 6 month bucket list

So, I finally did it.

I booked up my ideas *with the help of Joshua* and we’ve decided exactly what we would like to achieve from our year. We have created our 2017 BUCKET LIST! (shut up, I know its July, I got sidetracked) and I thought I would share our ideas with all of my mum friends that might get a little bit stuck for something new sometimes like us:


Have a Picnic


Have a water fight

Visit a pumpkin patch

Visit a museum

Have a walk around a lake

Go hiking

Plant a flower/tree

Visit a fair

Go to an amusement park

Have a movie night

Visit a firework display

Build a pillow fort

Go swimming

Visit a new park

Visit a farm


Have a family game night

Have a sleep over

Help wash daddys car

Play out in the rain

Go camping

Visit the library

Visit a farmers market

Go gymnastics

Visit a beach


Go to the cinemas

Look for stars (probs when camping?)

Play golf

Paint a picture

Go to a trampoline park

Make our own music instruments

Build a snowman

Bake a cake

Go to the zoo


Feed the ducks

Visit santa

Ride on a train

Go see the illuminations

Have a family pyjama day

Try a new restaurant

Buy a gift to donate

Go to a local fun day

Play football


Start a long book to read together at bedtimes

Have a treasure hunt

Play outside to find bugs and insects

Try a new hobby/class

Play hide and seek

Visit the christmas markets

Go on a boat

Make our own smoothies


Better get started, were nearly in our 7th Month!













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