Pinch punch, Mum what’s for lunch?

All is quiet in the ‘Big Burr House’. Joshua started the day early this morning wearing nothing but his sunglasses saying ‘morning dude’ in his best ‘cool’ voice. Fast forward a few hours, we’re watching the Flintstones, i’m tirelessly scrolling through Facebook and the weather outside is drowsy.

Joshua’s already reminded me at least 6 times that he’s “very proud and excited” that he won a patrick teddy by getting two ducks “all by myself” (no skill involved might I add, it was purely a ‘hook a duck, choose a prize’ situation.

I’ve had a mars ice-cream for breakfast, my house is semi messy (its clean, but is seems there’s a miniature Disney gathering occurring on my rug right now) and were both still in our pyjamas.

I’ve not stopped stressing and thinking ‘what can we do with our day, how can I make it exciting’ – I considered a muddy puddle day and realised that I basically could not be bothered with the aftermath. I considered painting, but today is just not a day for painting.

We’ve built the same 2 jigsaw puzzles at least 12 times and i’ve already drawn spongebob and the gang (I used to enjoy drawing them but its taking its toll now being asked to draw Sandy, Pearl, Mrs Puff, Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy along with the main ones. I spend an hour perfecting them and realise Joshua’s off doing his jigsaw again.

We’ve coloured in dory, watched Scooby-doo and Peppa pig (although I was still half asleep for them to be fair), Joshua’s had 2 bowls of cereal and he’s already had 3 meltdowns this morning (one of them because he’s ‘very starving’)

We’ve argued because Joshua’s adamant that the sun isn’t sunny and that the number six is actually a number one. We’ve debated whether a telephone and microphone are the same thing and he’s protested that his vest is red (it’s white)

He’s phoned dad just to tell him ‘Your a dirty wolf and I’m a super-hero’ which led to a 10 minute discussion about how I’m the princess and Joshua’s going to save me, and a long debate of who smells the worst, who has a bum face and who’s a turd worm (Joshua’s favourite word ATM)

We’ve had underpants on our head and we’ve jumped on the bed and played hide and seek (also know as 5 minutes peace whilst he sits in the playhouse that he asked me to put the roof on so i wouldn’t be able to find him) YOU CANT MAKE THIS STUFF UP!

The mum guilt soon crept in and I realised that he must be having as much a tedious day as I am, the poor bugger probably just wants a bit of fun or a bit of fresh air. This poor boy has been stuck in the house today and he’s having to find entertainment within the realm of the living room (AKA playroom with a sofa in it)

Im not doing enough, I need to get him to the park for an hour, I better get up and get dressed I feel awful sitting around doing nothing all day. Better turn the TV off, too much TV time isn’t good. He’s told me he’s hungry 30 times in the last 15 seconds maybe I should make him something else to eat. 

And after all of the chaos and the stress and the worry of not doing enough with our day, that Joshua might be bored and that Ive only done one wash (when theres room on the radiators for two), the drama of still being in pyjamas and the blinds still being shut, I stopped, taken a second to breathe and I realised after dealing with all of the stress of wasting the entire day doing nothing, it was actually still only 09:30am in the morning…..

So sod it,

Ive spent my whole morning stressing about being slobby and doing nothing with my day, I may as well follow through with it and do exactly that, so – Moana and a hot chocolate it is.

We’ll probably have a walk to the park at some point depending on whether I we can be bothered putting pants on, but for now – sod it, Square eyes for the win!







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