My life in a pinterest dream

I am absolutely OBSESSED with Pinterest. Its the place to go when you want to find something new to do with your toddler on a rainy day, and end up wanting to re-decorate your entire house.

Im pretty sure we all have a go – and most of the time, we fail. I once attempted to make a ‘charging phone holder’ out of a Johnson’s body lotion bottle. What I actually did was cut the bottle in half an pop a sticker on it. It looked awful and went into the bin after an hour of looking at it.

BUT – I’m actually proud of a few of my ‘masterpieces’. so i thought i’d share a few of them with you:

1 – Shabby chic photo frames



Main bedroom wall – first house 2014

I am obsessed with shabby chic photo frames and wall decor. mix and match photo frames are everything. I do love a good wall sticker, but i find that a small sticker on a big wall ends up looking a little bit lost and ends up looking cheaper.


Living room wall 1 – new house 2016


Living room wall 2 – new house 2016


2 – Joshuas Bedroom


I first did Joshua’s room in our old house in 2014. I bought the letters from for £7 each (but i recently learnt you can get them from Hobbycraft for about £2.50 each). I got some green, brown, blue and white paint and off I went. The sky and grass were pretty easy to do, the trees weren’t too bad and i stuck the letters on the wall with PVA glue. I got the numbers (picture 2) out of some old floor mats that Joshua had ripped. I really enjoyed doing Joshua’s room and was absolutely horrified when we decided to move 2 years later…13350505_10209280598789150_2917389474258636133_o


3 – Toybox Upcycle


Joshuas Christmas Eve Box

For Joshuas second christmas, I decided to buy him a handmade toy box and christmas eve box. I was so excited for them to arrive and when they did I was horrified. Don’t get me wrong, the christmas eve box wasn’t THAT bad, but it definitely wasn’t what i requested. The paintings rubbish, the box itself isn’t great, but it has the poem printed onto it that i made for Joshua, and lets face it, it does the job.

The toy box however, was something else. Baring in mind, I paid a lot of money for it to be custom made – and then the woman sends me this stripy horror pictured below. The marvel logos are drawn around (badly) in sharpie, THE IRON MAN LOGO IS THE COMPLETE WRONG COLOUR and you can slightly see the top of the toy box where it looks like a child has written ‘toys’ on the lid. So i decided to up-cycle the toy box one day with the paint i already had from Joshua’s room and bits from canvas painting a few years back. I was pretty happy with my hungry caterpillar creation!!!



4 – Living room painting (masking tape technique)

So this one was pretty simple. Masking tape the shit out of a wall (I chose to do triangles) and then paint it, pull back the masking tape and voila!


Before, during, and after

5 – Joshuas new room

So i’ll be honest – the second time around it was nowhere near as fun doing Joshua’s room. Its a bit smaller, he has a chimney breast, and I have to be a little more careful now were private renting.

So instead of painting everything, I decided to get lots of stickers! Rockets, animals, transport, clouds, you name it, we’ve got it. I wish we had a better photo but hey: this’ll do.


I love love love doing DIY and craft stuff, and I think i’ll continue to do it (whilst being shouted at by Ryan for spilling paint every now and again hehe) IF ANYBODY WANTS ANY PAINTING TO DO FOR FREE, ASK ME! I’m not the best but hey its free! x