Supermarket style, Who knew?

I’m not a big fan of shopping…

Well I am, I overspend on stupid things (picture frames, candles, the usual pointless stuff that we categorically do not need) for the sake of it on a daily basis, but I don’t enjoy clothes shopping as much as I think most females do, I’m fussy, and being a bit of a chunk I have to find something that fits my figure properly.

But one thing I think all mums can agree on, is how adorable it is to shop for a little one. I can imagine it must be so much more exciting to shop for a baby girl, but buying a tiny Superman onesie for the first time is exciting in its own way I suppose.

And the exciting ‘firsts’ too. First christmas, halloween / any chance to dress up the little cherub in your life.

But one thing I have done as Joshua’s gotten older, is become more wiser with his clothing. I used to fork out £12 (give or take) for a single t-shirt or pair of joggers from River Island/Next/Mothercare/Insta-shops – which is perfectly fine and a lot of my social media friends still do (I still do on the odd occasion) .. but I have come to realise that there is a wider market full of bargains out there! Why spend £30 on a tracksuit that’s gonna be covered in mud or spaghetti by the end of the day?

I never thought i’d say it, but Supermarkets and Primark are my absolute new fave for bargains.

I recently went to Primark for the first time in a few years for our holiday shop and I was completely overwhelmed with the range for boys. T-shirts for £1.20 each!!!! Shorts for £4 and joggers/jeans from £5 .. I was amazed. I got 12 T-shirts for the price that i’d usually spend on ONE!!

Don’t get me wrong, all shops have good and bad, but I want to show you some of the absolute BARGAINS i have found for Joshua over the past few months and where I got them from:


Beaver pattern tee – £1 Peacocks Morrisons / Joggers £10 for 3 pairs from ASDA George


Tee – £1.20 from Primark! / joggers – £10 for 3 pairs from ASDA George / Adidas Torsion Trainers £32 from JD


Tee – 2 for £6ish (blue stripe and red stripe, both really lovely) from ASDA George / Joggers £5 from Primark


Coat – £34 from NEXT / Tee – £1 from ASDA George / Jeans – £6 from Primark / Wellies £3 ASDA George


I don’t regret spending so much on Joshua’s clothes in the past because he looked absolutely ADORABLE, It just took me some time to realise that he would look equally adorable for half of the price (ha!) and i’d much rather he got absolutely filthy having fun in the park instead of trying to avoid getting his brand new clothes dirty! And besides, in most of my favourite baby photos, he doesn’t even have the clothes on anyway! ..